Mama Lucia – Bethesda

Opened in 1997 by friends Bruno and Jimmy, Mamma Lucia, Fallsgrove (3500 sq ft.) was always rooted in family tradition and values. It was surely not an easy decision for them to call upon us to make design and concept changes to bring this neighborhood gem into the modern world of design and conception. Focusing our attention on three separate environments, we faced challenges while updating the bar, the private dining room and maintaining the existing seating capacity in the main dining room. The end result was a Mediterranean and Italian themed space with a modern twist that captured the legacy of Mamma Lucia while bringing the restaurant into the 21st century.

In addition, we were tasked with the responsibility of renovating and revising the storefront of their sister location in Bethesda, MD ((4000 sq ft.). Our task was to create an inviting and modern storefront that worked with the existing aesthetic. Not only did we achieve the goal, we maximized our time by improving the overall flow of the restaurant from front to back.